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Scenes from Salem Saves Animals Summer Fundraiser

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Our Salem Saves Animals Summer Fundraiser was held on Friday, August 26th at Crow Haven Corner!

All of Lorelei's psychic readings that day were donated to Salem Saves Animals.

The evening concluded with a full magic circle by Lorelei and Leanne to raise the energy for all our animal friends in need!

Donations went directly to helping local rescuers Carol the Cat Lady and Fireman Jon Spofford, so they can keep doing the great work they do, as well as our local K-9 unit.

Scenes from Salem Saves Animals' Springtime Fundraiser

On April 1, 2016 Salem Saves Animals held a fundraiser to raise money and energy for the protection of animals!

Mahsati gave us a lovely bellydancing performance for the evening!

Salem Saves Animals Protests at the Salem Courthouse!

Jason Gentry, who has been charged with animal abuse for torturing and killing dogs, was arraigned on bail at the Salem Courthouse on January 15, 2016. Lorelei led Salem Saves Animals in protest for his arraignment as they continue their call for animal justice.

The full story is featured in the Salem News.

Watch Lorelei and Salem Saves Animals chant in protest at the Salem Courthouse in this video! They chanted a spell to invoke justice against Jason Gentry:

"Justice fall on Jason's head
By the dogs that now are dead
By these words that we have said
Prison is Jason's final bed!"
(So Mote It Be!)